Technical projects involving computers, mechanical, and other electrical/technical projects.

Bultaco Astro Project

In Fall 2011 my dad was kind enough to pass on his old Bultaco Astro 146 360cc dirt tracker that had been in storage since the late 1990s. 

Honda CB360T Jetting For VM32s

Stock CB360 carbs are getting harder and harder to find. When I discovered the diaphragms of the stock carbs on my CB360T were ripped, I decided to upgrade to a set of Mikuni VM32 carburetors.

1965 Honda Supercub Solo Seat Swap

Back in 2008 I bought a 50cc Honda Supercub.  It’s a classic bike and also happens to be the most produced motorcycle ever at around 100 million unit and counting.

1970 Honda CT90 Restoration

This 1970 Honda CT90 was brought back from the dead in the winter of 2008 by your truely!

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