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Audio and video projects that were completed by me, Ryan Carden.

Simple Food

This is a film I shot for the launch of Organicism Farms and Foods, an East Tennessee catering company focused on incredible local food.

Three of a Kind

Three of A Kind isn’t your typical bank robbery flick, but a story that brings an unlikely twist to this tried and true genre.

Sideways Sunday

I shot and edited this film after a fun father’s day with my pops at Ashway Speedway! I used a Pentax KX along with a GoPro Hero to shoot the video.  

Avett Brothers – Live @ Disc Exchange 6/7/07

In June of 2007 I had the pleasure of recording the Avett Brothers at an instore appearance at local Knoxville retailer, The Disc Exchange.

Fall Finale 2010

It’s always a blast making shorts at Organicism Farms.  Watch a quick video recap of their year and take a look at what they’re growing for the Fall.

Kevin Abernathy Band – Lost Sessions

I had the pleasure of working with the Kevin Abernathy Band in the Summer of 2008 on some tracks at my studio the Toneadrome in Nashville, TN. 

Kill the Radio – Self Titled EP

Ah, Kill the Radio, the only band I’ve known that allowed a stranger at the bar to select their name.

Pario Short Film

Pario is a short film that I contributed to via mixing & sound design during late 2009 and early 2010

Complexion Independent Film

I mixed this feature-length independent film “Complexion” by Graphite Pictures in 2007.

Joe Knightmare – Slow Ride To Suicide Single

Ah classic country that’s not . . . er, classic.  Joe and I recorded this track back in 2006 after a long history of writing and playing music together.

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