January 2010

Complexion Independent Film

I mixed this feature-length independent film “Complexion” by Graphite Pictures in 2007.

Early Design Portfolio

This is one of my earliest design portfolios, only pre-dated by my design portfolio that I used to get into Architecture school at the University of Tennessee in 2002.

Hoop House Construction

This hoophouse was completed in about three months and was built by myself and a couple of very helpful volunteers.

Organicism Business Card

I designed this business card for use on our farm with an antique inspired theme.

Joe Knightmare – Slow Ride To Suicide Single

Ah classic country that’s not . . . er, classic. ¬†Joe and I recorded this track back in 2006 after a long history of writing and playing music together.

The Leningrads – Sharing the Blame LP

Back in 2006 I recorded, engineered, and co-produced Knoxville, TN band The Leningrads’ debut album in the basement of their practice space.

Contact Info:

Ryan Carden
208 Stonebridge Blvd.
Bremen, GA 30110

PHONE: (404) 434-4221

Need a Hand?

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