Honda CB360T Jetting For VM32s

Stock CB360 carbs are getting harder and harder to find. When I discovered the diaphragms of the stock carbs on my CB360T were ripped, I decided to upgrade to a set of Mikuni VM32 carburetors.

Avett Brothers – Live @ Disc Exchange 6/7/07

In June of 2007 I had the pleasure of recording the Avett Brothers at an instore appearance at local Knoxville retailer, The Disc Exchange.

Fall Finale 2010

It’s always a blast making shorts at Organicism Farms.  Watch a quick video recap of their year and take a look at what they’re growing for the Fall.

Produce Bar

I built this bar in the Spring of 2009 to display fruits and vegetables from my farm Organicism Farms at local farmer’s markets.

Floor Tom Drum Table

This side table made from a real floor tom brings the spirit of Keith Moon into your living room.

Ammo Can Computer

My media center Hackintosh died unexpectedly after only 1 year of use and I decided that I wanted to do something more unique for my next media center PC. 

Chalkboard Font

I created this .ttf font in December of 2009 and it was inspired by Jessica’s handwriting on chalkboards used at our farmer’s market booth in Knoxville, TN.

1965 Honda Supercub Solo Seat Swap

Back in 2008 I bought a 50cc Honda Supercub.  It’s a classic bike and also happens to be the most produced motorcycle ever at around 100 million unit and counting.

Kevin Abernathy Band – Lost Sessions

I had the pleasure of working with the Kevin Abernathy Band in the Summer of 2008 on some tracks at my studio the Toneadrome in Nashville, TN. 

Mashed Potato Motorbikes – Honda Rebel

While there will always be the ultra-expensive Harley V-Rods and Ducati Desmosedici of the world, there are some great everyday bikes that can regularly be found for under $2500.  They might not necessarily be the fastest in their class or made from unobtanium, but they’re great at serving their intended purpose whatever that may be.

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