December 2010

New York City Photos

These photos of the city that doesn’t sleep were taken on a Christmas trip in December of 2010.

Return of the Dominator

Carlo Gagliardo (10), otherwise known as “The Dominator” to SEMRA members, returned to his dominating form in round three at Baker’s Creek Karting Club. Gagliardo had a perfect weekend, winning all three classes he had entered. Victories of the day for Gagliardo included Spec Heavyweight, Thumper 150, and Supermini. In fact, Gagliardo was only really challenged once during the entire weekend, by Cam Morehead in Thumper 150 competition.

A Square Revolution

Let’s face it, in today’s world if you or your business isn’t accepting credit cards, you’re losing out on sales.  The trouble is that most credit card processing contracts can be too expensive, too complicated, or just too impractical for artisans, local food vendors, or other small businesses to implement.  Mr. Downtown hotdog vendor, I’m [...]

Downtown Knoxville Photos

Theses photos were taken in October of 2010 on a bluff located on the south side of the Tennessee River.

iTwisties App Logo

This logo was designed in the Summer of 2010 for a motorcycle iPhone app.

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